[OPTIMA] 24K Gold Strings [1747.M] (.013-.057)





Item Description

OPTIMA / Gold Strings [1747.M] (.013-.057)

24Kメッキを施されたOptima Gold Stringsは優れた防錆力を誇り、通常弦の3倍以上の長寿命を実現しています。24Kメッキの優れた点は他にもあり、それは適切な音量バランスと瑞々しさを弦にあたえることです。また24Kメッキはニッケルアレルギーの方や、コーティング弦に不満を感じているプレイヤーの解決策となるかもしれません。

最上級の鋼材を用い、手巻きであることを忘れる程の高い精度で巻かれたOptima Gold Stringsは楽器のポテンシャルを最大限に引き出してくれます。

・品番 : 1747 M
・Roundwound Medium
・24 Karat Gold Plated (純金メッキ加工)
・Made in Germany、正規輸入品

This series reflects our over 90-years tradition of string manufacture. The result is a string of unmatched premium quality. All strings are coated with real 24 carat Gold and are therefore completely insensitive to tarnishing or corrosion. Their durability is, compared to normal strings, up to three times higher and they are suitable for people allergic to nickel. GOLD STRINGS are characterized by a brilliant sound and the typical SOUND OF GOLD, which also was loved by Frank Zappa. And of course, also Brian May plays on his guitars OPTIMA GOLD STRINGS.

[String Gauges]
1st E .013 GPS013
2nd B .017 GPS017
3rd G .026 GA026
4th D .036 GA036
5th A .045 GA045
6th E .057 GA057