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[Worn Free] Joan Jett / Turners Scoop Neck Tee (Black) (Womens)



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Joan Jettが、実際に着ていたTシャツを蘇らせたWorn FreeのオフィシャルライセンスScoop Neck Tシャツです。タグはJoan Jettが着ていたポートレートが使われており、いつどこでそれが着られたものなのかが記されています。(ポートレートはステージバックパス風のステッカーになっています。)ボディーは柔らかくテンションが効いていて着心地の良い素材となっています。

ステッカーサイズ : 8.3cm×12.1cm
素材:Cotton 100%
Official Licensed

Runaway Joan Jett and her all girl bandmates were still in their teens in 1975 when they first played the Whisky A Go-Go on the Sunset Strip, just a month after the band formed. Back in 1966, before the Whisky got its liquor license, members of its house band, the Doors, bought their booze a block away at Turner’s. By the time The Runaways punk-rocked the Whisky, you could belly up to the bar on the mezzanine, unless, like them, you were under 21. From the Whisky’s menu, though, Joan could order her very own beverage, the “Joan Jett Take-off,” aka Coca-Cola. Still, who’s to say she went to Turner’s only for the snacks? She confesses to drinking during her Runaway days. Poetic license aside, just listen to bandmate Cherie Currie singing in “Dead End Justice” about her and Joan’s breakout from juvi after being locked up for underage drinking.

Not enough of America looked past the strut and snarl of teenage girls in tight jeans to see the true heart of rock n roll beating inside, and by 1979 The Runaways were history. But Turner’s neon lettering still lights up its corner of the Strip. Frankie Machine’s Ryan Martin worked there early on in the nineties. Also finding himself behind the counter, though uninvited, John Belushi had to be locked out of the store not long before OD’ing in ‘82—and then hung around, beating at the glass door. Today, you’re as likely to find motorcycles as Rolls-Royces parked outside.Official Licensed

参考SIZE Chest/胸囲
Small 71~76cm
Medium 76~81cm
Large 81~86cm

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