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John Lennonが、実際に着ていたTシャツを蘇らせたWorn FreeのオフィシャルライセンスTシャツです。
タグはJohn Lennonが着ていたポートレートが使われており、いつどこでそれが着られたものなのかが記されています。
(ポートレートはステージバックパス風のステッカーになっています。) ボディーは柔らかくテンションが効いていて着心地の良い素材となっています。
ステッカーサイズ : 8.3cm×12.1cm

素材:Cotton 100%

This photo of John & Yoko was taken in Cannes 1971, when they were there in support of Yoko's short films Apothesis and Fly which were exhibited at the town’s film festival. 'Come Together' was one of the final tracks that the Beatles ever made together, being recorded in late July 1969. John announced he was leaving the group on 20 September 1969.

The song was originally intended to be used as a campaign song for LSD guru Timothy Leary, who had taken part in the recording of 'Give Peace A Chance' and been impressed by Lennon. Leary was planning to run for the governorship of California against ex-actor (and President-to-be) Ronald Reagan, but his campaign floundered somewhat after he was busted on a possession rap, so Lennon reworked the tune and it was included on the 'Abbey Road' album.

The Come Together t-shirt design was created in 1968 by Rob Rose & Arnie Goodman. T-Shirt legends by day and the scourge of Hayworth Avenue by night as you can see by the three day eviction notice below. Arnie & Rob aren't sure exactly who gave this shirt to Lennon probably one of their musician buddies but who knows the 60's was such a blur for these two intrepid T-Shirt makers that they might have even met John on Venice beach in a haze of smoke and patchouli oil and sold him a t-shirt without realizing who he was. We will never know for sure.

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